Meal Prep 1/10/20

Last night I went biweekly grocery shopping. You can read about it here.

In addition to shopping, I prepped all of the items that I could in advance to make cooking for the next two weeks super easy. Let me tell you what I did. And let me just say it was exhausting, but worth it.

My little stocked freezer

First, I cooked up 5lbs of ground beef. When it was done, I split it as evenly as I could and put some into a separate bowl. I added two packets of taco seasoning to the beef that was still left in the pot. Then I set them aside to cool before packaging them into four separate freezer bags (two unseasoned and two taco seasoned). I plan on using the seasoned ones for the tacos and beef burrito casserole. I don’t have a plan for the unseasoned just yet.

Next, I made a box of yellow rice. Once that was cooled, I put that in a freezer bag as well. It is so convenient to have cooked rice on-hand in the freezer. It is an easy side dish and can be reheated from frozen in the microwave for about 4 minutes.

I separated one big pack of chicken thighs into two separate freezable meal-sized portions. I separated a pack of five chicken breasts into three smaller packs, two of which I thinly sliced so they would be ready for the recipes I’m going to use them in. (The chicken and broccoli and chicken curry). The third bag I kept the breasts whole as I don’t know what I’ll be using them for yet.

I wanted to make sure that none of the onions in my pantry would go bad before I got a chance to use them so I cut some up into larger pieces to freeze and I also put the rest through the food processor to make some little baggies of diced onions.

Those peppers I was going to use for the cheesesteak stuffed peppers were cut into pieces and frozen as well since I could use them for other things that way.

I made three meals of French bread pizzas topped with turkey pepperoni. One I popped into the oven to eat and the other two I froze for later meals.

I also made two bags of Italian sausage that I took the casings off of which will be used later for baked ziti and whatever else I decide to make.

At the end of this, I was getting impatient, but I am glad that I saw it through. Everything is a learning process, so even if some things don’t work out, at least I will know for the future—like the time I made ham, egg and cheese English muffin freezer sandwiches.

Please share your freezer meal prep tips below.


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