How to Read a Price Label to Save Money

Being smart with money is so critical in life. The grocery store used to be a major budget-buster for me and I had to learn how to make better choices and read the labels so I could get the most for my money. I’m going to teach you that here so you don’t have to struggle with grocery store pricing anymore.

One of the major choices that you will have to make at the grocery store is how many of something you may need. My grocery store will often have deals if you buy a specific amount of an item. Think about how much storage space you have. Also, how often do you use the food/item? Is it shelf-stable or does it have to be used quickly?

Items like canned goods are great to stock up on during deals. During November and December I usually stock up on flour and sugar when it’s on sale for holiday baking. Rice and pasta are also great to stock up on and can just be put in the pantry.

Try to take advantage of as many meat discounts as you can. Last night I bought four packages of ground beef that were marked 30% off. They were not originally on my list for my two-week meal plan so that means they are bonus. I also got two pork shoulders that were $.79/lb. (The lowest I usually see them is $.99/lb). Meat prices vary regionally, but it is important to know the most common pricing so you are aware when a sale is too good to pass up.

Knowing how to read a price label will help you save a lot of money. This label is for a big-sized package of Tide Pods. If you can afford to get the bigger packs, go for it. They are usually cheaper per unit and save you from going to the store more often. A saved trip is saved money, believe me!

Tide Pod label. The ShopRite Price Plus card will save you a dollar.

As you can see, the original price for the Tide Pods is $22.49. With the grocery store’s membership card, the price comes out to $21.49.

Tide Pod label. The most important part to pay attention to is the unit price.

The unit price of the Tide Pods is $4.47/lb. This is the part of the label that you want to compare to the other sizes and other brands to truly see if you are getting the best price. Be aware that sometimes the units might not be the same and thus more difficult to compare, but that is a rarity.

So for example, if I saw Gain Flings on the shelf next to this and the unit price was $3.99/lb, I would know that those are obviously the better deal. Or if I saw that they had a 42ct of Tide Pods that came out to $4.25/lb, that would also be a better deal. You can compare between sizes within the brand and with other brands if you want.

Knowing how to read a price label is valuable knowledge and I hope you find this information helpful.

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