Cooking, Storing, and Using Shredded Chicken

I used to get really frustrated when I was new to meal prepping and cooking because there were so many recipes that I ran across that required cooked chicken. Obviously, I can cook the chicken right before making the recipe, but the authors of the recipes did not count that time in their calculations. That meant that someone could state that a meal is a 30-minute dinner when it was really a 45-60-minute dinner if they had included the time for cooking chicken. There is a great way around all this which can make life way easier. It is cooking … Continue reading Cooking, Storing, and Using Shredded Chicken

Cranberry Chicken Salad on Greens

Cranberry chicken salad is one of my favorite salads to make and eat. It’s super easy to make and pack for a nutritious lunch. Cranberry Chicken Salad Ingredients One can chicken breast Dried cranberries Mayo Sunflower kernels Salad greens Salad dressing Directions Open, then drain the can of chicken. Mix in a little mayo to the consistency you like. Add some cranberries and sunflower kernels to the mix. Serve over a bunch of salad greens with a nice dressing. (I prefer a sweeter dressing with this like honey mustard). Enjoy! Continue reading Cranberry Chicken Salad on Greens